Save the date!

This Friday, June 12th, I will be guest speaking on an incredible podcast, The Diver Medic. We will be discussing the upcoming Xunaan-Ha Expedition as well as my continued exploration and search for the “Holbox Fracture”. If you are looking for a little entertainment or have a bit of free time, I encourage you to save a spot and listen in!

Robbie Schmittner- Finding the Holbox Fracture and the Xunaan-Ha Expedition

The podcast will begin at 6 PM GMT and 13:00 EMT.

Keep exploring!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ll be there, Robbie!

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  2. Rafic Bittencourt says:

    We will be there!
    Rafic & Viviane

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  3. James Brown says:

    Podcast Posted Online?


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